2020 Student Award Recipients

From left to right: Tom Turner(Executive Director), Danielle DeJong, Breanna Kelly
Image courtesy of Andy Wheeler - Snapd 1000 Islands

DSLG offers student awards annually to a student at the college level, university level, and graduate level. Individuals must reside in Leeds & Grenville, registered in the first year of a post- secondary program, or a graduate program, related to the field of developmental disabilities.

Student Award applications were reviewed by a Selection Committee consisting of Board members Alf Platts and Kelly Wu; Sarah Kaufman, Manager, Children's Services; and Tom Turner, Executive Director.

1. Breanna Kelly who is registered in the Social Service Worker program at Fanshawe College, has been awarded $750.
"My career goals, are to become a social worker. My biggest goal is to be the absolute best social worker I can be, and to change the lives of the people I work with. My goal is to show every person I work with that they are important, their life has value, and they are stronger than they might think. I am determined to help change people's lives for the better".

2. Danielle DeJong who is registered in the Social Work program at Redeemer University, has been awarded $1000.
"I hope that in the future I can work with kids, in the field of social work. I have expanded my volunteerism by spending a week in the summer in cities across Ontario volunteering in soup kitchens, food banks, disability centers, and homeless shelters. It was while I volunteered at these different locations, that I knew this was the type of work I wanted to be involved in. I was able to see and hear first-hand how places like these make a huge impact on someone's life. Overall, I have always inspired to be someone who evokes change and embraces differences. When I see need, I want to help in any way, big or small, that I can. I am excited to be going into a field, that although sometimes is very challenging, allows for change to be made!"

3. Hayley Whalen who is registered in the Master of Applied Disabilities Program at Brock University, has been awarded $1000. R.G. McMullen Award
"I entered university with the hopes and plans of becoming a teacher, but throughout my years of study I began to develop a real interest in my Atypical and Abnormal Psychology courses. I have always been drawn to children with special needs and the placements and volunteer work I have done has been mainly with these types of individuals. The time I have spent with these individuals has been very rewarding. My career goals include becoming a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst so I can become a vital advocate to help change and better the lives of children and people in the community with disabilities".


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