Distress Centre Volunteer Opportunities

The Distress Centre of Lanark, Leeds and Grenville is a free, confidential and anonymous telephone support service utilizing highly trained volunteers. All volunteers are trained to be active listeners and to allow callers to talk about their concerns, assist callers with solving their own problems, and provide information and referrals where appropriate and intervene in life threatening situations.

As a volunteer you are a catalyst for positive change in our communities. Our goal is to empower others through active listening, which promotes self-growth, development, communication and independence. If you are looking to make a difference in someone's life please fill out the volunteer application.

People from all walks of life are invited to apply.

All volunteers are provided with the following:
  • Training course in active listening techniques and how to address emergency situations
  • Comprehensive training to develop an understanding of a wide rage of social issues
  • Skills that can benefit your personal lives
  • The opportunity to make a difference for individuals and the community at large
  • Two-day Living Works Suicide Intervention Skills Training Workshop (ASIST)
  • Enhanced self -growth
  • On-line training, workshops, and webinars
  • Increase knowledge of community resources
  • A reference letter after completing 36 shifts
  • Skills transferable to the workplace

Volunteers Are Asked To:
  • 3 references
  • Police reference check
  • Complete all training provided
  • Work 1-3 Shifts a month for a minimum of a 6-12-month commitment
  • Be punctual and reliable (other volunteers and callers depend on you)
  • Provide a non-judgemental active listening services to those in emotional need
  • Maintaining confidentiality about your work with the Distress Centre

Qualities we look for:
  • Excellent communication skills - Good listener
  • Ability to build rapport and convey empathy
  • Capacity to remain calm in a variety of situations.
  • Non-judgemental and accepting of diverse values and beliefs
  • Reliable and punctual
  • The ability to work independently and in a team environment
  • Emotional resilience, stability and maturity

If Interested in Volunteering Please Contact
  • Kendra Noseworthy - Email - 613 345 1290

Volunteer Application