The teaching training apartment program is a two bed transitional living program presently operating in the City of Brockville. The program’s primary objective is to provide young adults with a nurturing, supportive and challenging environment conducive to learning the independent living skills needed to make the transition to self-sufficiency, thus reducing the need for a more structured setting.

There is a maximum of two same gender eligible individuals of the Developmental Service sector in each apartment setting. These individuals are carefully screened in terms of readiness for self-sufficiency, compatibility and should require some ability to maintain themselves independently for short periods of time.

Upon acceptance to the program participants are asked to sign a Program Admission Agreements which outlines the programs expectations and household rules. This agreement can be tailored to the needs of each individual’s situation. (amount of supervision, outstanding behavioural issues)

There is a clinical progress evaluation component with this program, monitored by DSLG’s psychology department.  Along with the obvious benefit of determining the effectiveness for the support, program evaluation can provide data as to the judicious allocation of personal and financial resources. 

It is our belief that all young people deserve the opportunity to develop the skills and attributes needed to become independent, mature, responsible and productive adults.

For more information, please contact Innovative Residential Services Supervisor at hnielsen@developmentalservices.com or call the office at 613 345-1290.