The Snoezelen environment is a concept in which an indoor environment is created mainly to produce gentle relaxation, security and comfort by using controllable stimuli. The specifically furnished room offers a multitude of sensorial stimulation. The user can discover the world of senses by experiencing both the individual but also the combined effect of music, notes, sounds, light effects, tactile stimulation and aromas. The room design has a positive therapeutic effect on the user. It utilizes light and sounds to build interest and motivation. On a more basic level, sensory modalities provide the key to unlock tension and defensive behaviours, opening users to relaxation and acceptance. It creates a secure environment in which individuals, caregivers, family and staff may explore and relax through a shared experience of sensory stimulation.

Equipment in the Snoezelen room does not require a high level of cognitive reasoning. Training is provided to staff, caregivers, and parents wishing to support individuals in the Snoezelen room. The training is a basic understanding of the principles of snoezelen and how to access and work the equipment. Individuals who have been trained can book the room and its location is at our Buell Street office.

The Snoezelen room is accessible to clients of the agency. For enquiries, please contact the client’s individual service co-ordinator or if the service is desired for an individual who is not a client of the agency, please contact the main office at 345-1290 to make a referral.