Specialized Services
The agency provides a variety of specialized services through program teams and consultants. Each of these services is described below.
Psychiatric Clinic
Clinics are offered once a month per submission for individuals and families requiring psychiatric support. These consultations offer: 
  • assessment
  • planning
  • referral to other services
  • medication reviews
  • follow up service when required 
Psychological Services
Services include: 
  • psycho-educational and neuro-cognitive assessments for both children and adults
  • consultations for behavioral, adaptive, emotional, and social difficulties
  • investigating an individual’s learning profile for future growth
  • future planning 

Assessments/consultations are useful for investigating an individual’s learning profile for future growth and for future planning. Assessments include recommendations for follow-up interventions

Behavioral Services
Through our psychological team and behavioral staff, we offer behaviour management programs for individuals experiencing behavioral difficulties. Behavioral consultations, behavioral programs and a Behaviour Clinic offer on-going psychological supports and follow-up. Services offered are supervised by a consulting psychologist.
Communication and Feeding Program
Through a consulting Speech and Language Pathologist, services are offered to clients in the areas of assessments, consultations and individualized strategies. Through the mediator model, specific agency staff has become resource staff in the area of communication and feeding strategies. The eventual goal is that all staff will become competent communicators with clients, and the agency will continue to promote an atmosphere of being a “communication friendly environment”.
Social Work Services
Social workers offer intensive individual and family work through a variety of therapies and some specialized services such as: 
  • sexuality training
  • anger management
  • family therapy
Child Psychotherapy and Play Therapy
Children use play as a form of communication. So often children referred to Play Therapy do not have the words to describe their thoughts, feelings and perceptions of their internal and external world. Play therapy is an effective therapy that helps children modify their behaviors, clarify their self-concept and build healthy relationships. In Play Therapy children enter into a dynamic relationship with the therapist that enables them to express, explore and make sense of their difficult and painful experiences.